Get the complete insight into your portfolio of alternative investments

DIAMOS-A for asset managers, capital management companies and depositaries

The market of open and closed-end investments has been converging more and more in recent years. The boundaries between the two worlds are becoming more flexible and increasingly blurred. Thus, the needs of the market are also changing and with them the requirements for the supporting systems.

Market participants – regardless of the asset under management – face key challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Standardisation of system landscapes, automation of manual processes, and reduction of operational risks
  • Meeting increasing demands for modern and professional reporting, ensuring the comparability of KPIs
  • Creation of a quickly available overall view as a reliable basis for decision-making

DIAMOS-A as a central solution for the management of alternative investments allows different perspectives on uniform data, can be used independently of the investment structures, and creates overarching work flows – and that front-to-back.p>

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Minimisation of manual data entry because of standardised interfaces
  • Reduction of manual activities through the support of specific processes
  • Increase in data quality for all process participants
  • Generation of ad-hoc evaluations at the push of a button

The DIAMOS-A Suite offers a consolidated data management for all process steps involved in the management of alternative investments. Standardised interfaces increase data quality by minimising error-prone manual processes.
It offers a wide range of functionalities for different user groups – from the management of agreements to provide capital and the execution of capital calls within the framework of the transfer agent business for special funds to the loan calculation in loan administration.

The following solutions are currently available:

  • DIAMOS-A for institutional investors:
    Management of alternative investments for investors
  • DIAMOS-A for asset managers:
    Management of target and fund of funds with target investments in various asset classes or shareholding structures
  • DIAMOS-A for real estate managers:
    Administration and management of real estate with all specific features

They are thus aimed at capital management companies, portfolio managers, investment platforms, general partners, and limited partners, among others.

Core functionalities

Management of agreements to provide capital to special funds as well as the implementation of capital calls and distributions. This feature can be used in a compatible way for different perspectives (e.g. investor services, investor, or fund of funds manager).

DIAMOS-A can be used to look through all levels – even complex ones – of shareholding structures from the investor to the asset level. Allocations or risk concentrations of all kinds can thus be easily determined.

The special use case supports asset advisors/investment managers with incoming financing requests, term sheet creation, calculation of interest and amortisation schedules, and the handling of extraordinary events (e.g. loan extension, interest rate reduction, early repayment).

Modular DIAMOS-A solutions

Portfolio controlling
Portfolio controlling

Increase the quality of your data supply in the field of alternative investments to a higher level.

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Commitment management
Commitment management

Management of agreements to provide capital and drawdowns specifically for special funds of alternative asset classes

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Real estate debt
Real estate debt

Comprehensive insight into the real estate data of your portfolio for reliable real estate fund management.

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Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.