DIAMOS-A on investor management

Management of agreements to provide capital and drawdowns specifically for special funds in alternative asset classes

In recent years, the market for special funds investing in alternative investments has seen steady growth. Special funds now account for a large part of the new business of many asset managers. These funds are often designed as “blind pools” in which the assets to be acquired have not yet been determined at the time of the fund launch. It is customary for the fund management to receive agreements to provide capital from the investors. These are called up by the investors when required (i.e. in the event of an investment). Compared with funds investing in liquid products, this entails an additional administrative component, namely the management of outstanding or uncalled agreements to provide capital.


Traditional fund accounting systems do not specifically address this particularity of illiquid alternative investments. As a result, specially designed spreadsheet solutions or self-developed databases are often used. These are limited in terms of their flexibility to react to more complex retrieval scenarios. Furthermore, especially with such a sensitive topic as capital claims against investors, the auditing security of such solutions must be put to the test. DIAMOS-A provides a remedy in this increasingly extensive and complex environment.

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Complete picture of promises, drawdowns, and outstanding commitments at any time – whether at investor, fund of funds, or target fund level
  • Automated creation of capital call and distribution letters
  • For fund of funds managers: Aggregation of incoming capital calls and generation of outgoing capital calls
  • Minimisation of manual data entry because of standardised interfaces
  • Reduction of manual activities through the support of specific processes
  • Increase in data quality for all process participants
  • Generation of ad-hoc evaluations at the push of a button

Core functionalities

Recording of agreements to provide capital of a fund by tranches at the investor level. Management of commitments according to time periods and extensive reporting.

Capital calls can be entered easily via an input wizard. Drawdowns happen through different distribution methods across all relevant investors. After a successful drawdown, the deposits are recorded in the system and provide a good overview of the entire process.

Distributions as well as capital repayments can also be made conveniently via an input wizard and enable a selection of all relevant investors on the reporting date. This list of investors can now be used to generate individualised letters to each investor.

An extensive number of standardised reports make it easier to work with your investor data. Our reporting engine offers the possibility to customise standard reports to your individual needs.

More about DIAMOS-A

DIAMOS-A is suitable both as a complementary solution for existing core systems (e.g. fund accounting systems) that do not take sufficient account of the specifics of alternative asset classes and as a smart tool set to replace existing in-house developments (e.g. databases or extensive spread sheets).

DIAMOS-A can be seamlessly integrated into your desired target architecture.

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Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.