DIAMOS-A for institutional investors

Increase the quality of your data supply in the field of alternative investments to a higher level.

Within the scope of their own custody accounts, institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, and pension schemes hold shares in special funds of various asset managers, the investment focus of which includes the asset classes real estate, private equity, private debt, and infrastructure.

Traditionally, the exchange of information between investors and asset managers for alternative investments is fairly document-heavy, and uniform standards with regard to the content provided or a uniform data exchange format have hardly been established in the market so far. However, the information from the asset managers forms the basis of a multitude of cross-departmental follow-up processes.

Because of the increasing regulatory requirements for information management, the requirements for the processes surrounding the exchange of data with asset managers are also increasing for savings banks.

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Minimisation of manual data entry because of standardised interfaces
  • Reduction of manual activities through the support of specific processes
  • Increase in data quality for all process participants
  • Generation of ad-hoc evaluations at the push of a buttonli>

An essential component of DIAMOS-A S+ is the consolidated data management – from the fund participation of the investor to an overview of the underlying targets. Data is supplied by the asset managers via standardised interfaces – for example, via the real estate data exchange standard of the BVI..

In addition to the import of interface files, DIAMOS-A naturally also supports the document-based exchange of information, which is still indispensable. Incoming documents can thus be made available via a data room or via an email distribution list by the asset manager. The extraction of uploaded documents and their storage in the central document management system is fully automated.

DIAMOS-A is thus available to all relevant actors within the organisation as a central information and administration platform for alternative investments, and all subsequent processes build on one and the same database.

Core functionalities

DIAMOS-A supports the asset classes real estate, private equity, private debt, infrastructure, aviation, and renewables as well as various forms of investment such as target and fund of funds, and co-investments.

Benefit from the generic approach to review your portfolio across all participation levels down to the details of target investments. DIAMOS-A offers a comprehensive system of key figures for monitoring portfolio-related risks (e.g. regional distribution or tenant concentrations). Plan the risk structure of your portfolio on a forward-looking basis, taking into account planned purchases/sales or planned capital calls.

DIAMOS-A supports you in planning the capital tied up in alternative asset classes as well as the limit utilisation, taking into account planned capital calls and repayments of principal.

Get an up-to-date overview of subscribed fund participations, executed capital calls, uncalled agreements to provide capital, and distributions at any time. Plan for liquidity risks from amounts subscribed not yet called up using forecasts.

Benefit from the automated import, aggregation, and preparation of reporting-relevant data (e.g. capital deduction items, countercyclical capital buffer, foreign currency exposure, CVA risk margin or large exposures) for further processing in the regulatory reporting of the institute.

More about DIAMOS-A

DIAMOS-A is suitable both as a complementary solution for existing core systems (e.g. fund accounting systems) that do not take sufficient account of the specifics of alternative asset classes and as a smart tool set to replace existing in-house developments (e.g. databases or extensive spread sheets).

DIAMOS-A can be seamlessly integrated into your desired target architecture.

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Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.