Real estate debt

DIAMOS-A for real estate management

With DIAMOS-A Real Estate Debt, you have full insight into your data

Investment managers in the field of real estate debt often do not prepare investment and disinvestment decisions but rather can also take on a central role in many other process steps such as fund raising, investor support, and risk monitoring.


The tasks are often carried out by a manageable number of specialised staff. The system-side support of an investment manager’s activities depends very much on the quantity and complexity of these tasks. Standard software does not do justice to the complexity of the requirements – specialised software is often worthwhile only above a certain volume. Thus, in many areas, self-created spreadsheet or self-programmed database solutions prevail.


In order to cope with the quantity and variety of data, DIAMOS-A is particularly suitable in the variant for real estate debt.

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Standardised data management along the entire process chain in real estate debt (customers, real estate/project developments, financing/securities and investors)
  • Follow-up of requested and received information and documents
  • Mapping of individual contractual regulations, especially for mezzanine financing
  • Increase in data quality for all process participants
  • Generation of ad-hoc evaluations at the push of a button

DIAMOS-A is particularly effective in the area of real estate debt thanks to the consolidation of all relevant data. This ranges from the parameters of incoming financing requests to the conditions of the issued financing and from the acquisition of new investments to refinancing via funds.

DIAMOS-A for Real Estate Debt focuses on project developments and existing properties as assets to be financed. Thanks to the flexibility of DIAMOS-A, these can be smoothly exchanged for other alternative assets.

Core functionalities

DIAMOS-A supports the processing of incoming financing requests, the due diligence of the properties to be financed, the preparation of financing offers, the calculation of interest and amortisation schedules, and the collateralisation of financing.

Whether prolongations, unscheduled repayments, interest suspension or special fees – thanks to a variety of supported functions, DIAMOS-A is your tool when it comes to specifically addressing the needs of your customers.

Analyse your credit portfolio for concentration and liquidity risks with DIAMOS-A. Plan your next investments in a targeted manner.

Create the overviews that are essential for you at the touch of a button. The regular reports to committees or investors can also be created smoothly from DIAMOS-A.

More about DIAMOS-A

DIAMOS-A is suitable both as a complementary solution for existing core systems (e.g. fund accounting systems) that do not take sufficient account of the specifics of alternative asset classes and as a smart tool set to replace existing in-house developments (e.g. databases or extensive spread sheets).

DIAMOS-A can be seamlessly integrated into your desired target architecture.

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Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.