Automated order processing with optimal security

The demands in the trading business are growing: Speed, transparency, and security are decisive factors for the success of your investment strategy. At the same time, the demands on settlement are growing because of the division of the value chain and the increasing number of business partners involved.

DIAMOS OrderManagement offers you a secure tool for the efficient support of your trade processes.

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Work-flow-based automation
  • Processing of all common interface formats such as SWIFT, FIX, XML, CSV, TXT, Fixed Length, databases, Word documents, Excel files (e.g. BVI Excel), PDF, TIFF, and other graphic formats
  • Automated import from your portfolio management system

Extensive automation of order management minimises the possibility of errors by eliminating manual intermediate steps. The existing interfaces process all common file formats.

Your existing portfolio management system can be integrated. An interface is also available for the connection of Excel sheets.

Core functionalities

Support of the order categories single order, collective order, basket order, common validities like fill-or-kill, good-for-a-day, and good-till-cancel, and order categories like limit, market, stop, and stop limit.

Automated closing and re-opening of a futures with extended maturity.

For example, you can be notified of incorrectly imported data via email.

Further specifications and functionalities

If required, further modules hat integrate seamlessly into the processes can be added t:

  • FundAccounting: Transaction-based real-time accounting and inventory management
  • InvestmentCompliance: Investment limit check
  • TransactionManagement: Mapping of transaction processes in the investment business
  • FeeManagement: Transaction cost analysis for broker and custodian bank fees
  • Reconciliation: Reconciliation and validation process between business partners

DIAMOS Application Service Providing (ASP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions allow system operation to be handled entirely via our ;DIAMOS data centre. The access rights can be fine-tuned throughout the system; each user only sees the data and functions for which he or she is authorised.

The OM module can be used in particular in the context of other DIAMOS F modules such as ICM and TM. The system is available as a cloud or as a locally installable version.

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