DIAMOS FundAccounting: Efficient, automated, and flexible

Fund accounting: the heart of your fund management

Even though fund accounting is generally considered standard nowadays and is carried out on an industrial scale in large houses, many processes are still solved manually or outside the software. Here it is important to use fund accounting software in which all areas function exactly but can still be flexibly adapted to your own needs.

Whether in the capital management company for fund price determination, in the depositary bank for control, or as a stock management system, DIAMOS FundAccounting offers you optimal support for your fund accounting processes. The solution supports all marketable instruments – whether standardised or OTC and individually designed – as well as all fund categories. The accounting engine of DIAMOS FundAccounting offers a flexible, expandable logic for mapping all required technical issues.

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Extensive coverage of the different fund categories and a broad asset universe
  • Audit-proof accounting, transparent presentation
  • Simple integration options in an existing system landscape
  • Comprehensive reporting and regulatory reporting

DIAMOS FundAccounting can handle all standard fund constructions. Whether share certificate classes or master/segment constructions, there are no limits to the number of share classes or segments of a fund. Umbrella funds, asset pooling, and fund of funds are possible – as are asset management mandates, investment foundations, and direct investments/custody accounts. Regardless of whether classical securities in the most diverse forms and structured products or derivatives, loans, foreign exchange, and money transactions or alternative assets such as commodities, real estate, investments, and securities lending and collateral – in DIAMOS FundAccounting, all instruments are correctly mapped in the respective jurisdiction that is used.

For all transactions, the focus is on automated processing with the aim that the fund accountant becomes the controlling authority instead of having to process each transaction manually. The system supports the user in the best possible way. All data – whether master data, transaction data, or price supply – can be processed automatically regardless of whether they are supplied by internal systems or by data providers such as WM Datenservice, Bloomberg, Six Telekurs, and Reuters.

The comprehensive standard reporting, including the year-end reporting and annual report, can be used internally for control and documentation, for processing in follow-up processes, or sent directly to external professional recipients. In addition to the support of several languages and output formats, reports can be created automatically on the basis of specialist events and, if desired, also sent automatically to the recipients. The system also supports the creation of FactSheets as well as common regulatory reporting to authorities and associations in Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland.

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DIAMOS-F Overview of asset classes

Asset class Assset category Asset type
  Shares Common shares, new shares, preferential shares, bonus shares, bearer shares, registered shares, registered shares with restricted transferability, participation certificates, other, REITS, GDRs, and ADRs
  Bonds and structural products Bonds, equity-linked bonds, warrant bonds, pool factor bonds, inflation-indexed bonds, commercial paper, convertible bonds, ABS, MBS, and promissory notes
  Investment funds Open funds, closed funds; all common fund categories are supported
  Warrants Call, Put, Exot, type of underlying: share, dues, subscription right, foreign exchange, future, profit participation certificate, index, option, warrant, annuity, commodity, spread, swap, certificate
  Certificates Types: Basket, Best Chance, Bonus, Capped Bonus, Capped Twin-Win, Discount, Discount Call, Discount Put, Discount Call-Plus, Express, Guarantee, Leverage, Index, Knock-In, Outperformance, Outperformance-Plus, Reverse Bonus, Reverse Outperformance, Reverse Discount, Reverse Sprint, Sprint, Standard, Straight, Turbo, Twin-Win, Victory, Winner
  Profit participation certificates share-like, annuity-like
  Subscription rights Subscription rights
  Dues Dues
  Options Call and put options, type of underlying: share, dues, subscription right, foreign exchange, future, profit participation certificate, index, option, warrant, annuity, commodity, other, spread, swap, certificate
  Futures Type of the underlying: Share, annuity, foreign exchange, index, commodity, other
  Commodities Agricultural commodities, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, exotics and indices, fossil fuels, strategic metals
  Loans Annuity loan, bullet loans, amortising loans, building cost loans (Austrian legal framework)
  Real estate Real estate, property company
Money market    
  Overnight loan Overnight loan
  Term deposit Term deposit, fixed deposit
  Notice deposit Notice deposit
  Cash accounts Cash accounts, currency accounts
Foreign exchange market    
  Foreign currency exchange Foreign currency exchange
  Forward exchange Forward exchange
  NDF Non-deliverable forward
Other assets    
  Securities lending Mapping of securities lending
  Pools (securities lending and securities) Mapping of securities lending pools and collateral pools
  Alternative assets Configurable module for creating your own asset classes.
  No restriction All categories of indices can be mapped; deposit is possible both with and without components

Further specifications and functionalities

Automated fund valuations and NAV calculation

  • At any time – also retroactively and intra-day
  • Selection of the valuation scope (price access, inclusion of open transactions)/NAV simulations
  • Short execution times
  • Event-driven order processing also for incoming and outgoing interfaces (including corporate actions)

Transaction-based position keeping

  • Parallel company codes with freely definable charts of accounts and posting rules
  • Drill-down options (e.g. from fund to stock book, turnover, original order to posting sub-records
  • T-account view of accounting processes
  • Monitoring of orders, including escalation mechanisms
  • Automated fund mergers, also for share certificate class funds


Country-specific coverage of regulatory requirements

  • Account system and posting rules
  • Implementation of tax requirements
  • Coverage of statutory regulatory reporting
  • Accountability report
  • Implementation in cooperation with leading audit firms


Sophisticated control functions

  • Functionalities for market conformity checks and exchange rate controls
  • Consideration of blocks/collateral management for securities lending transactions, among others
  • Automated check for the fulfilment of defined preconditions in advance of order execution

Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.