Cash account

The cash account to complete your range of offers

DIAMOS provides you with a cash account with various functional features that can generate special added value for your internal process optimisation as well as for sales partners and investors.

Benefit from these advantages:

Special added value for sales partners and asset managers

  • Transparency on the availability of liquid funds supports optimal advisory services and investment strategies
  • Support of new client acquisition through additional product offerings and special functions such as the advance on securities credit
  • Linkability with commission models for the benefit of lucrative revenue management

Special added value for investors

  • Another building block for the efficient development and expansion of the fund assets
  • Possibility of account management in different currencies (e.g. USD)
  • Immediate value date: Time advantage over “diversions” via external accounts
  • Interest on the credit balance
  • Consolidated (tax) reporting for optimal clarity
  • Special credit options for needs-based liquidity (advance on securities credit)


Clearing account/foreign currency account with automated payment transactions

  • DIAMOS CashAccount offers three account categories:
  • Clearing account: Interest-bearing euro account with overdraft limit or advance on securities credit
  • Foreign currency account: Guidance in the respective currency chosen Fixed deposit
  • Festgeld
  • Automated payment transactions between custody account, clearing account/foreign currency account

External payment transactions

In addition to being used as a clearing account, incoming and outgoing SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA Credit Transfer payments can also be processed in favour of or debited from third-party accounts. Standing orders, scheduled transfers, direct debits and mandates for SEPA direct debits can be managed.

Integrated solution with DIAMOS-D

The integrated solution with DIAMOS-D offers versatile advantages.

  • The uniform operating concept of the modules enables short training and set-up times for the user.
  • Data maintenance is facilitated by the fact that data does not have to be maintained redundantly (e.g. investor master data, agent master data).
  • Efficient tax processing
    • In interaction with the custodian system DIAMOS-D, DIAMOS CashAccount enables consolidated tax processing, including the management of tax pots and exemption orders and consolidated annual tax certificate
  • Comprehensive information functions allow the call centre agent or the clerk a quick overall overview and simple navigation between account and custody account without media discontinuity or system change.
  • The collection of fees or the settlement of cash distributions lead to a simplified process flow.
  • Regulatory reporting is simplified because the elements to be reported can already be made available in a consolidated or aggregated form (e.g. KESt notification, ZIV notification, BaFin notification, ZVS).
  • In the context of sales support, clear reporting is easy when the modules are integrated. Consolidated intermediate layers for data aggregation between different systems thus become obsolete.

The advantages are also obvious in technical operation:

  • Authorisation management can be carried out centrally, and the technical administration accesses the same application bases.
  • Because the homogeneity of the technical architecture, the infrastructure requirements are also identical, and no additional hardware outside of capacity management is required.
  • Furthermore, the products are based on the same proven output management system.

Advance on securities credit

Through the function of the advance on securities credit, DIAMOS CashAccount makes it possible to grant loans secured by the deposit/pledging of securities.

The DIAMOS cash account offers a wide range of options for customising and securing the range of services:

  • Variable uses of the agreed credit amount: Free disposal by the investor (e.g. for private purchases and/or use to pre-finance securities transactions).
  • The credit agreement can be created for a limited period of time or as an open-ended credit line
  • Variable collateralisation options through the pledging of units from custody accounts or individual holdings
  • System-based risk control:
  • Adjustability of maximum collateral values
  • Proven models for the targeted definition of the credit line
  • Credit checks on the availability of lent holdings

Comprehensive (tax) reporting and regulatory reporting

In interaction with the custodian system (z.B. DIAMOS-D)the DIAMOS cash account enables the consolidated settlement of regulatory reporting

  • Consolidated preparation of the annual tax notification
  • Comprehensive implementation of regulatory reporting (e.g. for KESt registration, ZIV registration, BaFin registration)
  • Synchronous creation and sending of bank statements and custody account statements
  • Use of an efficient reporting and correspondence system

Overnight loan

Interest can be charged on the clearing account at a daily interest rate. Overnight loans can be offered in euros or foreign currency.


Fixed deposit

Balances can be invested as fixed deposits at an interest rate fixed for the term in a separate cash account as a fixed deposit. An existing cash account is used as the reference account.

The DIAMOS cash account product offers many advantages for the parties involved and represents a win–win situation for the settlement platform, its sales partners, and customers.

Sales partners and asset managers can act without the involvement (and thus also without the influence) of the investor’s house bank and position themselves better. For example, against attempts by the house bank to alienate them. Within the framework of customer counselling, the (interest-bearing) cash account can be included as a building block in asset accumulation or management. Depending on the design (depends on the product provider), an additional source of commission income can also arise for the sales partners.

The investor participates in a return on their liquid financial investment and can switch between the fund investment and its (short-term or temporary) liquidation without any loss of value. This transaction speed also enables the investor to carry out same-day transactions using the cash account because with an integrated solution, the settlement agent can immediately view and assess the expense and revenue side of the securities transaction.

An essential service aspectespecially under the aspect of increasing tax complexity, is the consolidated reporting for the end client – especially in the area of taxes

The settlement platform itself can better retain sales partners through this expanded service and product offering and gain market share that may be more domiciled through direct banks.

Core functionalities

The system maps an interest-bearing euro account, the clearing account with a fixed reference account for external payment transactions. The foreign currency account can be created in any currency deposited. The respective account is loosely linked to the custody account and can be used in the context of several custody accounts.

Payments between the custody account, cash account, and reference account are mapped via existing functions. Value dates and cash postings are managed independently.

Interest conditions are set at the account and account category levels. A posting of interest is made on a time-slicing basis.

Tax revenue and FSAs are managed across the board in conformity with the flat rate withholding tax. A consolidated annual tax certificate is issued.

Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.