Fund-linked asset management

Manage your portfolios with DIAMOS asset management

DIAMOS Asset Management supports your individual fund-linked asset management spectrum with investment funds for your internal process optimisation as well as for sales partners and investors.

Benefit from these advantages:


  • Management of portfolios with all necessary data, among others:
    • Portfolio master data
    • Portfolio composition with funds and/or ETFs
    • Sales commissions
    • Sales assignments
    • Distribution variants
    • Target market data positive/negative
  • Two portfolio variants are available:
    • Sample portfolio – portfolio can be assigned to several custody accounts
    • Individual portfolio – portfolio is assigned exclusively to one custody account
  • A portfolio is allocated to a custody account as a portfolio contract. Several portfolio contracts with different portfolios can be mapped in one custody account.
  • Portfolio turnover in the custody accounts:
    • Because of changed fund composition
    • Rebalancing
    • Exchange of funds in the portfolio without rebalancing
  • Transactions:
    • Amount purchase into the portfolio
    • Amount sale from the portfolio
    • Total sale of the portfolio
    • Swap external funds into the portfolio
  • Regular transactions:
    • Savings plan
    • Income drawdown
    • Exchange plan of individual funds that are not part of the portfolio into the portfolio
  • In parallel, transactions or regular transactions can also be made past the portfolio.
  • Mapping of life-cycle concepts:
    • Definition of portfolio sequences (e.g. with decreasing share proportion over time).
    • Reallocation from one portfolio to the subsequent portfolio depending on a defined remaining term, the start of the contract, or the age of the portfolio holder.
  • When a portfolio contract is limited or deleted, the corresponding custody account/sub-account becomes a “normal” custody account/sub-account with holdings again.


Distribution variants

The percentage distribution of transactions for portfolios can be made according to the following “distribution variants”:

  • Allocation in accordance with config
    The distribution of the first investment is always made in accordance with the % allocation of the portfolio. With this distribution variant, all subsequent deposits and disbursals are always distributed in accordance with the % division of the portfolio.
  • Approximation of config values
    The amount of the purchase or sale is distributed in such a way that, after booking, the % structure of the funds in the custody account corresponds to the % structure of the portfolio. If this is not possible, an approximation to the portfolio is made.
  • Division in accordance with the holdings value
    The percentage distribution of the transaction shall be in accordance with the percentage distribution of the holdings in the investor’s custody account/sub-account.


Automatic portfolio turnover and fund switching

Portfolio turnover restores the percentage structure of the portfolio in the customer custody accounts (i.e. the percentage distribution of the holdings in the customer custody accounts) is adjusted to the percentage distribution of the target structure of the portfolio. Triggers for this can be:

  • Changed fund composition
  • Rebalancing

In addition to ad hoc portfolio rebalancing, regular portfolio turnover can be configured.

Furthermore, in addition to the portfolio turnover within the framework of the fund switching, individual funds in a portfolio can also be exchanged without adjusting the holdings in the customer custody accounts to the percentage distribution of the target structure of the portfolio.


Sales commission for the portfolio

The following sales commissions are supported in connection with a purchase for a portfolio:

  • Fund subscription fee
    The subscription fee configured on the fund is charged at the time of purchase.
  • Portfolio subscription fee
    At the time of purchase, the subscription fee configured on the portfolio is charged uniformly for each fund in the portfolio.
  • Portfolio payment discount
    The percentage payment discount configured on the portfolio is deducted from the purchase amount. The amount remaining thereafter shall be invested in the funds at the withdrawal price.

Asset management fee for the portfolio

The asset management fee is a % fee that can be charged for holdings in a custody account and is paid out to the sales partner.

Performance calculation and reporting for a portfolio contract

The following calculation methods are supported:

  • Capital weighted yield
    • Weighting of the invested assets in the calculation of the yield
    • Yield on investment from the end customer’s perspective, what happens to the capital invested?
    • Calculation: Internal interest rate method
  • Time-weighted yield
    • Cash flows are excluded from the calculation of the yield
    • From the portfolio manager’s point of view, yields have no influence on the amount of capital invested
    • Calculation: Daily valuation method

The calculation can be configured for the following combinations:

  • Before fees before taxes
  • Before fees after taxes
  • After fees before taxes
  • After fees after taxes

Loss thresholds monitoring and reporting

  • Definition of the % loss threshold on the portfolio or portfolio contract
  • Daily calculation of the loss threshold
  • Client reporting when the loss threshold is exceeded

Portfolio underlying fund

The underlying fund will be held in the custody account/sub-account of the portfolio but will not be a percentage component of the portfolio and will thus also be excluded in the context of a rebalancing of the portfolio. The following product constructions, for example, can be mapped here:

  • One-off investment or savings plan in the underlying fund
  • Monthly swap plan/overflow plan from the underlying fund into the portfolio

Withdrawal management

Within the framework of asset management with portfolios, DIAMOS offers the optional functionality of withdrawal management. With the withdrawal management, portfolios can be switched in “chain” (i.e. after reaching a date, the portfolio is exchanged at the portfolio contract, and a portfolio reallocation is carried out).

DIAMOS currently supports the following characteristics:

  • Withdrawal management depending on the age of the custody account holder
  • Withdrawal management depending on the remaining term of a portfolio contract
  • Withdrawal management depending on the contract start date of a portfolio contract

Benchmark portfolio

Each portfolio can be assigned a benchmark portfolio, which can also be composed of one or more indices. Within the framework of the performance calculation, the performance can then be shown against a benchmark.

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