Investment account management

Your integrated solution for investment account management/transfer agency

DIAMOS Investment Account Management is the core of DIAMOS-D, the market-leading standard software in Germany for the administration of investment fund custody accounts. From order processing and accounting to comprehensive reporting and individual regulatory reporting, DIAMOS-D gives you exactly the system support you want for the process chain of your investment account management.

Individually applicable modules and components allow you to design DIAMOS-D entirely according to your needs. In this way, you can always take the special requirements of your investors, clients, and sales partners into account in the best possible way.

Country-specific regulatory requirements are consistently taken into account in DIAMOS-D.

Both the introduction of DIAMOS-D and subsequent function extensions can be realised quickly and easily. This is ensured by the DIAMOS system platform, which distinguishes our entire product family with a modern architecture and a cross-modular database.

High STP rates and extensive automation are therefore standard with DIAMOS-D and open up a decisive plus in performance and efficiency for you, especially for the settlement of large business volumes.

Customised service packages complement our offer and give you the opportunity to transfer system operation and services you require to the certified DIAMOS data centre.

Function overview:

Broad product universe/coverage of a wide variety of products

DIAMOS-D offers a wide variety of building blocks for successful asset accumulation. These can be combined in a single custody account if desired:

  • Mapping of products for wealth building with extensive configuration options
    • Savings plans with and without Zillmerisation
    • Capital formation benefits savings plans
    • Riester retirement savings plans
  • Asset management with fund portfolios
  • Fully integrable cash account module
  • Front-end connection through web services (SOAP and REST services)


Extensive standard interfaces

  • Replication interfaces
  • Web services (SOAP and REST services)


Comprehensive custody account and personal data management

  • Custody account opening, including all master data
  • Master data of the custody account holders (including names, addresses, customer classes, bank details, joint custody accounts, intermediaries, powers of attorney, and tax data such as exemption orders)
  • Master data of the sales partners (including agents, agent hierarchies of any depth, remuneration models)
  • Money laundering check
  • Configurable blocks and blocking effects (including blocking of custody accounts and payments, garnishments)
  • Estate management
  • Proxies


Optimal sales support

  • Flexible mapping of any complex sales structures and partner agreements
  • Free scope for attractive product concepts, including cash account functionality
  • Special system support for third-party fund distribution
  • Individual commission structure
  • Automated dispatch of sales partner notifications at freely definable times/events
  • Custody account information via the Internet with all relevant custody account information (e.g. holdings, exemption orders, turnover for the current year)

Efficient settlement of accounting and transaction management

  • Transaction-based accounting – flexibly scalable for business volumes of any size
  • System-supported fast entry of new transactions
  • Automatic customer order interfaces
  • File interfaces
  • Receipt of payment
  • Web service
  • Coverage of a wide range of order categories (e.g. unit order, amount order, split order, limit order)
  • Support of a wide variety of transactions at the share and amount level (e.g. purchase/sale, exchange, split purchase/split sale, cash withdrawals/reinvestment of cash withdrawals
  • Direct allocation between sales partners and transaction
  • Support for all fund-specific capital measures.
  • Flexible customer-specific control of the use of distribution income or liquidation proceeds
  • Automated collective order processing via SWIFT or other formats
  • Collective order/netting functionalities
  • Flexible order position management/flexible order times and days (support of “forward pricing”)
  • Calculation and management of peaks within the framework of own holdings management/automated own holdings matching
  • Calculation of profit and loss from own stock and cancellation transactions
  • Comprehensive reversal functionalities – including mass reversal, tax corrections, commission corrections, and fee settlement corrections,
  • Automated end-of-day processing/year-end closing operations


Reliable quality control

Extensive testing mechanisms for, among other things

  • Completeness checks
  • Risk class checks in accordance with the Securities Trading Act (WpHG)
  • Checks on subscription deadlines, minimum investment amount, maturities, buying and selling locks on the fund
  • Review of the admissibility of the trading transactions in accordance with the distribution agreement
  • Checking of the execution dates against stored public holiday calendars, including the automated generation of alternative date proposals if necessary
  • Application-specific activatable control function according to the dual control principle for all manual recording/changing processes
  • Order control (e.g. by amount)
  • Payment control (e.g. by selected payment method, amount)
  • MiFIR2 adequacy/suitability test

Automated tax processing

  • Management of tax data (e.g. exemption orders) with clear, up-to-date display of exemption orders and interim profit credits
  • Tax calculation
  • Loss offsetting
  • Taxbox method
  • Kista method
  • Capital gains tax return
  • FSAK procedure
  • Control notifications (donation, exemption of business assets)
  • Advance lump sum
  • Partial exemption class change
  • Delta correction method
  • Annual tax certificate

Fees, commissions, discounting

  • Integrated fee component for own and third-party fees (e.g. custody fee, subscription fee)
  • Integrated commission component for turnover and trailer commissions
  • Support for advance commissioning concepts (Zillmerisation)
  • Bonuses/individual discounting concepts (e.g. foreign exchange spread discount)

SEPA and the like: Automation of payment transactions and foreign exchange transactions

  • Automated SEPA payment transactions with external accounts
  • Foreign currency capability, including the automated determination and posting of the required

Comprehensive reporting

  • Transaction reporting such as:
  • Securities settlements
  • Income notifications
  • Custody account statement
  • Letters
  • Commission and fee reporting
  • Generic ad hoc evaluations

Regulatory reporting

  • Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
    • CSDR – Settlement internaliser
    • MiFIR – transaction reporting
  • Bundesbank
    • AWV notification
    • Securities investment statistics
  • KWG 24c report
  • CSDR

Connection to the DIAMOS-WM database

Daily transfer of all necessary information required for the settlement of investment funds and ETFs. The data feeds provided daily by WM are loaded into the DIAMOS-WM database and transferred to DIAMOS-D via the interfaces WM fund master data import, WM fund price import, and WM income data import for the funds available in DIAMOS-D.

  • WM fund master data import: Fund master data, partial exemption rates, period for funds in settlement, MiFiD II and MiFIR data, target market data
  • Securities notification income data import: Distribution, distribution for funds in settlement, advance lump sum
  • WM fund price import: Issue price, withdrawal price, net inventory value

If a new fund is added to DIAMOS-D, all necessary fund master data is loaded directly from the DIAMOS-WM database during the creation process.

Advantages/customer benefits

Optimal user-friendliness/efficient mass data processing

  • Intuitive input interfaces and user guidance
  • Sophisticated search functions
  • Simple programme operation with mouse control and/or keyboard control
  • Transaction-based workflow management to replace time-intensive batch processing with disproportionate load peaks
  • Essential reduction of processing times even for complex processes (e.g. distributions)
  • Flexible workplace/working time organisation through 24/7 system availability and definable access options
  • Provision of comprehensive user manuals and system documentation

Complete auditing security, GDPdU conformity, sophisticated control functions

  • Audit-proof transaction-based data storage with complete historicisation
  • Transparent display of all processes in the system
  • GDPdU-compliant access for auditing and tax auditing
  • Precise access control via the sophisticated authorisation concept
  • Dual control principle can be set at the workflow level

Suitable for your business model and process flows

  • Individual licensability of functionalities and product modules
  • Flexible scalability for business volumes of any size
  • Multi-client capability
  • Global usability (24/7 availability, location-independent access options, multi-currency capability, multilingualism)
  • Usability of the system or individual system functions by user groups that can be defined as desired (e.g. processing, sales, call centre)
  • Reliable control of access rights via a granular controllable authorisation concept
  • Needs-based connection of supplementary systems (e.g. order routing providers, bank settlement systems) via configurable interfaces and web services

Fast integration, timely return on investment, and sustainable investment security

  • DIAMOS RecordKeeping can be quickly integrated thanks to its flexible architecture and configurable interfaces. Can be functionally expanded at any time – to suit your requirements and your IT environment.
  • Short implementation time thanks to the best practices of our system integration experts
  • The system is provided with directly usable standard configurations
  • Sustainable investment security through the consistent use of established open standards

Supplementary customised process optimisation

DIAMOS-D offers supplementary components for even more efficiency and comfort in the area of investment account management/transfer agency processes around the custodian account accounting (DIAMOS RecordKeeping):

  • Cash account (securities clearing accounts, foreign currency accounts)
  • Commission management, earnings management, and sales controlling
  • Depository reconciliation and reconciliation accounting
  • Optimised reporting and correspondence
  • WM data management
  • Paperless office concept: Digital order processing
  • Online custody account portall

Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.