The simple file transfer for control notifications

Electronic control notifications via the ELSTER Rich Client


With DIAMOS-ERiC, we offer you a solution for the automated file transfer for officially prescribed control notifications via the ELSTER Rich Client (ERiC).



The background is the “control and notification procedure” within the framework of the “KONSENS” project.
The purpose of the KMV is to replace paper-based notifications with a computerised procedure or to receive new notifications directly by electronic means. The services already available in the ELSTER procedure are used for this purpose.

“KMV is an asynchronous (offline) process. This means that the transmitted data are not directly checked online because of their volume but rather are initially only received. In a second step, the data provider must collect and check the protocol provided in the clearing house for the transmitted data”.see http://www.esteuer.de/#kmv of 12 April 2017)

The tax authorities provide a program library for transferring the files. This is distributed under the name ELSTER Rich Client (ERiC). This is not stand-alone software but rather a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). This can be integrated into programs that can then call up the functions of the library.



With the DIAMOS-ERiC solution, it is possible for you to transmit control notifications generated in compliance with the scheme and to collect the processing logs without having to take the diversions via an independent connection of the ERiC libraries.


With the use of DIAMOS-ERiC, communication takes place exclusively between the IT network infrastructure of the DIAMOS-ERiC user, and the tax management in encrypted form according to the ELSTER Rich Client Protocol. The personal and property data, which is sensitive under data protection law, does not have to be transferred via third parties.

The following message categories are supported by DIAMOS-ERiC:

  • Consensus notice on corrected tax certificates KMV BSB
    The procedure for notifications of corrected tax certificates is expected to be applied for the first time for tax certificates in 2022. The first electronic transmission is expected to take place in 2023. The procedure is supported from version 37.x.
  • Notifications of cost reimbursements from the associations of statutory health insurance physicians paragraph 14 Notification Ordiance (KMV KKV)
    The procedure for notifications of cost reimbursements from the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians is to be applied for the first time for payments made to service providers under the Coronavirus Test Ordinance that were paid after December 31, 2020. The first electronic transmission (payment year 2021) must be made no later than 04/30/2022. The procedure is supported as of version 35.4
  • Electronic capital formation certificate (capital formation benefits certificate) according to Section 15, paragraph 1 of the 5th VermBG (KMV VWL)
    The procedure of the electronic capital formation certificate is to be applied for the first time for capital formation benefits that are invested after 31 December 2016 (cf BMF letter dated 16 December 2016).
    The first electronic transmission (investment year 2017) must be made by 28 February 2018 at the latest.
  • Control notification for exemption from capital gains tax deduction in accordance with
    Section 43, paragraph 2, sentence 3 No. 2 EStG (KMV FKB)
  • Control notification on gratuitous custody account transfers in accordance with
    Section 43, paragraph 1, sentence 5, 6 EStG (KMV DEP)
  • DIAMOS-ERiC will also be able to provide the appropriate basis for the implementation of the message categories that are still in the planning stage

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Technical connection via ERiC (ELSTER Rich Client) without own implementation
  • Easy upload of control notifications and download of log information
  • Minimum system requirements

You can quickly and flexibly deploy DIAMOS-ERiC within your existing IT infrastructure and use it in conjunction with a wide range of (core) systems (e.g. DIAMOS-D).

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