Investor management made easy with DIAMOS-CeF.

Today more than ever, the settlement of closed-end funds presents fund providers with challenges that go far beyond conception, prospectus requirements, and fund administration. Especially mutual funds, which tend to have a large number of investors, entail an intensive workload in investment management and investor support. Manual activities or the use of Excel-based solutions and workarounds are usually accompanied by a high demand for human resources and cannot always exclude operational risks.

DIAMOS-CeF opens up new, future-proof paths along the entire life cycle of a closed-end fund. Thanks to its particular flexibility, DIAMOS-CeF can reliably cover existing requirements in accordance with the Capital Investment Code and upcoming regulations such as the Small Investor Protection Act and MIFID II. DIAMOS-CeF helps you to set new standards in terms of professionalism, quality, and transparency vis-à-vis investors. At the same time, it supports you in successively expanding your market and innovation capabilities.

Benefit from these advantages:

Broad asset universe and innovative fund constructs

  • Domestic and foreign real estate funds
    (including closed-end US real estate funds with foreign tax service)
  • Private equity funds/leasing funds/ship funds/aircraft funds/container funds/media funds/energy funds (including solar, wind power, and other renewable energies)
  • Support for complex fund concepts: Fund of funds, tax-optimised loan constructs

Support for the entire life cycle

Efficient support for initiators, fund companies, trust, and sales along the entire life cycle of a closed-end fund:

  • Conception
  • Placement/subscription
  • Sales support/commission payments
  • Management of investor master data and investment information
  • Distributions in any currency with automated disbursal to domestic and foreign accounts
  • Shareholder meetings (DIAMOS-CeF supports the presence procedure as well as the circulation procedure)
  • Statutory and company-specific evaluations and reports
  • Correspondence with investors, sales partners, and the tax office.
  • Share transfers
  • Liquidation at the end of the fund term

Win–win for initiators and sales: Optimal sales support

  • Flexible mapping of any complex sales structures and partner agreements
  • Individual commission structure
  • Automated billing according to sales hierarchies
  • Display of commission status in accordance with subscription status at the sales partner level
  • Preparation of the trailer commission statement
  • Disclosure of premium and commission at the investor level
  • Automated fee and premium collection
  • Automated dispatch of sales partner notifications at freely definable times/events (e.g. before distributions)
  • Automated takeover of secondary market transactions

SEPA and the like: Automation of payment transactions and foreign exchange transactions

  • Highly automated payment transactions for equity payments, distributions, returns, charge backs, and other payments
  • Management of open items, dunning
  • Reliable electronic import of bank statement data
  • Foreign currency capability, including the automated determination and posting of the required foreign exchange
  • SEPA direct debit scheme as a uniform procedure functioning throughout Europe(z.B. DTA)
  • If required, use of respective national procedures (e.g. DTA)

Account management according to generally accepted accounting principles

  • Capital account management for the contribution of equity capital, the premium, for withdrawals, for other deposits, for profits and losses, and for capital gains tax
  • Maintenance of capital accounts for tax purposes in accordance with Section 15a Income Tax Act (EStG)
  • Flexible evaluation options of the accounts at share level, investment level, and/or company level

Distributions and tax processing made easy

  • Distributions in any currency
  • Automated clearance of fees and costs
  • Individual assignment of income and profit categories to the respective fund concept
  • Automation of the tax result calculation as well as the tax distribution, including subsequent reports to the tax office
  • Full consideration of the differentiation between commercial and asset management fund concepts as well as the resulting tax consequences
  • Automated calculation and booking of supplementary balances for secondary markets
  • Reliable assistance through regular system adjustments to new tax regulations

More comfort for data entry and data management

  • Possibility of automated subscription form entry, taking into account individual processes and organisational structures
  • User-friendly quick entry screens to support manual entries
  • Automated text recognition via a proven OCR component supports the fast and reliable digitisation and reading of data (e.g. for recording subscription receipts and evaluating the results of shareholders’ meetings in the circulation procedure)
  • Electronic connection of digital files (e.g. scanned subscription slips)

Optimisation of communication and correspondence

  • Customisable letters and emails that can be maintained in any number and sent automatically on defined dates/events
  • Targeted assistance for the implementation of investor-oriented communication:
    • Carefully coordinated, up-to-date content
    • Professional appearance
    • Corporate identity-appropriate design options

Optimal control through depositary banks, transparency, and complete auditing security

  • Control functions adjustable as required (dual control principle)
  • Individually adjustable user and rights management
  • Audit-proof access via authorisation concept for depositary banks
  • Secure, transparent, and – at all times – traceable management of investor and investment data
  • Mature historicisation concept:  
    • Recording of all individual transactions
    • Recording (logging) of all partial steps in the system
    • Relevant information can be retrieved at any time

Share transfers: Comfort and traceability included

  • Convenient settlement of share transfers (e.g. in the case of inheritance, gifts, secondary market transactions)
  • Automated rewriting of all master data and investment data as well as the affected capital accounts and clearing accounts with corresponding presentation of supplementary balance sheets

Quickly integrable, sustainably investment-proof, and fully compatible with your requirements

  • Efficient introduction, rapid deployment, and timely return on investment thanks to
    • flexibly integrable system architecture
    • reduction of the initial parameterisation effort through the provision of standard configurations
    • high user-friendliness in support of short familiarisation phases
    • proven approach of our experienced system integration experts
  • Sustainable investment security through the consistent use of established open standards
  • Individual licensability, upgradeability, and expandability – to suit your requirements and your IT environment
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Benefit from our additional services

Professional consulting, integration, and support services – including regular user meetings and the extranet portal “MyDIAMOS”, which is exclusively available for our users – round off our offer for you. With the ISAE 3402 Type II attested DIAMOS data centre, we offer you an additional plus in efficiency. Via this, we provide application service providing (ASP) solutions individually adapted to your wishes.